Zgromadzenie Sióstr Misjonarek Świętej Rodziny Zgromadzenie Sióstr Misjonarek Świętej Rodziny Zgromadzenie Sióstr Misjonarek Świętej Rodziny
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Śluby wieczyste s. Immaculee (The final vows day)

        This was a special day for every catholic person and for the whole church at large. In my case it was not only special but historical. It was historical in a way that it marked a special stage that everyone longs to reach in religious life. This marked my total surrender to the one from whom I came and to whom I long to meet at the end of my pilgrimage.
        This special event of my religious life took place in Chawama - Lusaka in Zambia. Most of the day was marked by the streams of blessings. I call them streams of blessings because it was surely more than showers since it was such heavy rains that started from the night before through the first hours of the day. At least until 11 in the morning. Where I come from, on a day such as a wedding, if it rain it indicates blessings for the newly weds. For some reasons sisters decided to have the Holy Mass for my vows in the garden under the tents. They really decorated it so beautifully that it seemed like paradise on earth.
        Before the procession to the garden, I received blessings from Sister Judith the delegate of mother General in Africa, and once we reached the garden before Mass my brother Albert and his wife gave me parental blessings on behalf of my parents who were not present. The main celebrant was a priest from Rwanda, Fr. Dominique Ndagijimana by name. Fr. Bruno SJ and Fr. Omir SVD co- celebrated the Holy Mass. In his homily, Fr. Dominique reminded me that it is not making vows that matter, but keeping them. He also kept on reminding me the duty to love my community and the import_ance of seeing Christ in everyone, God's will in my superiors and my fellow sisters. Though the day was for my final vows, I realized that it is the beginning of my journey towards Christ in a special way and that I have really to learn to say yes everyday. The joy I saw around in people present also reminded me that the vocation is not mine alone, but it is for the good of the whole church. Beside our sisters, there were only very few people from out side, though I could feel that the angelic choir has come down from heaven as well as mother "Boleslawa" accompanied by her fellow saints.

        With love, appreciation and prayers,

                                                                              Sr, Immaculee

December 30, 2007

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